Materials Science Lectures that Integrate Scientists, Social Justice, and Materials

Over the last year, with moving teaching online, the Black Lives Matter Protests, and the lack of attention for missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, and two spirt, and the attacks on Asian Americans, I have come to wonder how to integrate the stories of diverse scientists and their impact in my materials class. Once one starts looking for scientists, it is so striking how many are involved whose stories are rarely told. Telling this stories is a way to help engage students and open the door to conversations about equity, justice, and the role we all can play in dismantling racism and making science more inclusive.

Examples of the lectures are below.

In the third lecture of the class, we learned about corrosion as well as James Parsons. The lecture notes are below.

In the sixth lecture of the class, we learned about glasses, including borosilicate glass and Evelyn Roberts.

In the eight lecture of the class, we learned about natural rubber and how it was extracted, crosslinked, and used. We talked about colonialism, racism, and how we continue these practices in extraction of materials like cobalt.